Rain’s Got a Boy Group


Rain’s Got a Boy Group

Rašyti by YUki on Antr. 04 08 2009, 10:03

While 2009 seems to be incredibly saturated with all these girl groups, Rain wants to bring a little testosterone to the Kpop scene by debuting his very own boy group of 5 talented guys.

There is very little information about these boys and we hardly know who the members are. However, this hasn't stopped netizens from uncovering pictures of the male trainees under J.Tune Entertainment and speculating them to be members of Rain's new group. There is one particular trainee under this company that netizens are sure to be a part of the group and his name is Lee June. He's developing quite a resume for a person that hasn't debuted yet. He models alongside Rain for his clothing line Six to Five and will also be playing the younger version of Rain in his upcoming movie "Ninja Assassin." As for the other guys, I have no idea, so we're just going to have to hang tight until September when Rain debuts these guys. Personally speaking, I'm pretty anxious to see some more guys in Kpop and these guys will help ease the wait for Rain's female counterpart.

In the meantime, check out these pictures netizens have uncovered of who they think will become part of Rain's boy group!

Lee June.

Other speculated members.



Re: Rain’s Got a Boy Group

Rašyti by JaeSu on Št. 26 09 2009, 17:41

Dabar jau žinoma gana daug apie šią grupę ;P
Pavadinimas- MBLAQ.
Šiaip aš visai nelaukiu jos pasirodymo... kažkaip niekad nepatiko Rain xD

    Dabar yra Kv. 22 02 2018, 20:55