Chae Dong Ha returning with solo album


Chae Dong Ha returning with solo album

Rašyti by YUki on Tr. 05 08 2009, 16:04

Former SG Wannabe leader and member, Chae Dong Ha will be releasing his solo album on 1st September after a long hiatus since leaving his former group last year.

Chae Dong Ha had released a solo album back in 2002 before joining SG Wannabe in 2004. This is thus Chae Dong Ha's 2nd solo album after a long break of seven years. Working with him on his 2nd solo album will be famous composer, Jo Young Su who had worked with Chae Dong Ha before when he was still with SG Wannabe.

According to Chae Dong Ha's management, "This will be Chae Dong Ha's first solo album since leaving SG Wannabe and will be an important turning point for him in his music career. Chae Dong Ha had hoped to seek a new direction in his music career (I thought he was going into acting?) together with a brand new image upon leaving SG Wannabe. But after going through many producers, Chae Dong Ha realized that only Jo Young Su understood him best and decided to work with him again."

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